Sunday, July 20, 2014

{{Location Review}} Studio Movie Grill in Colleyville, Texas

A few weeks ago I signed up to blog about my experience at the newest Studio Movie Grill location in Colleyville, Texas. Because I signed up for this, I was given free tickets for myself and the family, as well as tickets to give away. Last night we decided to go and see the new Planet of the Apes movie.

Once we were on the road I realized that I had forgotten our free tickets. So, we turned around & I ran in to get them....they were sitting on the arm of the chair. :-/ anyway, we got there about 28 mins early. The line wasn't long at all. We went up to the counter & I handed the girl the free tickets(each one had admission for 2 ppl). She asked if we had ever been to a SMG before, when we said "no"...she explained how things worked there. We picked the seats we wanted and off we went!

All of the employees were so nice, they all told you "hi" & greeted you with a smile. After we walked into the theater, there were several employees ready to show you to your seats. We were greeted by a. Super sweet girl who took our drink order & went over the menu with us.

(Madelyn & Daddy wait for the movie to start)

My husband and I did the " 2 for $25" deal and our two girls got a kid pizza each(about 4 pieces each). I love that they brought out the pizzas for the girls when they brought out our appetizer.(pictured below)

(Chicken Nachos)

  (Madelyn's cheese pizza)

(Bella enjoying her pepperoni pizza)

A few people that I've talked to about Studio Movie Grill said "oh, no...they are SOOO expensive", but "expensive" means different things, to different people. 

Our total bill tonight(for the food) came to $51(ish) dollars, which isn't bad at all. We usually spend that much(or more) at restaurants like Red Robin, or Texas road house. The drinks at SMG are a bit pricey, but that's to be expected since you ARE at a movie theater. 

I actually love the idea of getting to eat WHILE you watch your movie. I think from now on we will just go to SMG instead of some other restaurant and then the movies. After the girls ate, they got sleepy so they cuddled up to us and watched the movie. I would def recommend the SMG to everyone! 

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