Wednesday, July 16, 2014

{{Location Review}} Water Works Water Park, Denton, Texas

My husband and I took two of our three girls(the other is out of state for the summer) to the Water Works Park in Denton, Texas on Friday(
12, July)

Our girls are 4 and 3....They were excited about the waterpark up until we got them in the water. lol My husband and I held them and played in the water, under the little waterfalls in the kiddie area, and in the sprayers. They didn't appreciate it one bit! 

It was reeeeally hot when we were there, nearly 102(that's Texas heat for you!). I really enjoyed the lazy river. we went around it 1.5 times. The first time I held my 3 yr old and walked in the water while my husband rode one of the inner tubes with my 4 yr old, and then the 2nd time I got in one with my 3 yr old until about halfway through and then I got off and walked to the stairs and we got out.

We only planned to be there about an hr, because of the heat...but we ended up being there nearly 3 hours! It's a great place to bring the kids and have fun. It's very open and beautifully landscaped. We are already planning our next trip to the water works park after my oldest(10 yr old) gets home from her summer vacation.

The only thing we didn't do was go on the slides. my little ones were too scared to even walk near them, and my husband didn't want to go alone. 

I couldn't really get any pictures of us playing because I kept my phone in the locker(As I have found out before...iPhones are NOT water/liquid proof). I did get a quick picture as we were returning our locker key to the gift shop.

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