Saturday, August 30, 2014

{{Location review}} Trinity Forest Adventure Park & The Southern Cross Ranch DFW, Texas

Today was the day that we FINALLY went to the trinity tree top adventure/Southern Cross Ranch. We had no trouble finding this place at all.

When you are approaching the location, you see this sign.

There is plenty of space for parking. Here is a picture of the little building where you check in at, as well as some of the parking. There are other things to do here as well. There is a swimming pool, as well as an open area to play baseball, or to do just about anything you could want(within reason of course).

The girl that was working the window area was not friendly one bit. My name wasn't on their sheet for whatever reason, so when I told her that I was doing a US Family Guide blogger visit & that I had reservations she called someone. I guess to make sure I was telling the truth, which is fine...we could have just done without the attitude.

Once we were checked in, we followed the path to the back where the zip lines are. 

When you walk into the area, you see picnic tables. Some covered, some not.

There is also a set of bleachers, but I didn't take a picture of it.

After you walk past the picnic area, you see the tarp, harnesses, and plastic bins with the gloves & helmets in them. The guys in the zip line area were super cool and friendly.

My husband in his harness, gloves & helmet & ready to go have some fun!! It was supposed to be for myself and the family...but my oldest didn't want to do it, & my younger two were too young, so I sat on the bleachers and we watched daddy have fun.

Once you are ready to go, they have you go over to the rules sign, & go over the rules, then they show you how to properly use the zip lines. You have to be a certain age to do some of the courses, and in order to do the black you have to first do one or more of the others. They really do make sure to do everything you can to stay safe, while you have fun.

Then they have you show what you just learned. 

You may not be able to see my husband in the following pics, but he's there! 
(Waiting to go up on the platform)

Up on the platform and ready to go!

Made it across the first zip line!

Crossing the swinging bridge. 
After this point I lost my husband in the trees.

We had a great experience, other than the rude girl at the window. We were supposed to go to The Southern Cross Ranch as well, but my youngest wasn't feeling well & we thought it would be best to just get her home so she could rest. We plan on going back at another time, when the Southern Cross Ranch is open. 

This post is sponsored by US Family Guide. I am not paid for this post, but I did receive passes for myself and my family. All opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

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