Thursday, September 4, 2014

{{Service Review}} The Schwan Man delivered our goodies!

I recently did a post about Schwan's home delivery service(you can find that post here). My grandparents used to order from Schwan's ALL the time when I was little, & my mom did as well. It has been probably a good 15-20 years since we've ordered from them. Because I did that post I received a $25 gift card in the form of an online code. My husband and I already knew what we wanted to order, so we added those items to our cart, Applied the $25 gift card, and also the $5 code for orders that are $25 or more.

I just had a call from the Schwan man. He was a little confused about the area until I gave him the name of our apartment community, then he knew exactly how to get here & said he'd be here shortly. I heard a truck pull up outside & sure enough it was him!

He gathered my order & was at my door shortly. He asked if I was "Mrs. Carney" and I said "yes, Sir". He then, handed me my bag & asked if I've ever ordered from them before. I told him that I never personally ordered from them, but my grandparents and mom did many years ago.

After he gave me the bag, he handed me a catalog and told me the next delivery date. I told him that it's okay for him to call right before the next delivery date(s) to see if we want to order. Then he went on his merry way. He was super nice and I can't wait to order from them again.

This is what we ordered! Strawberry fruit bars, Orange sherbet push-ems, Cotton Candy Push-ems(they are there for a limited time), Black Cherry Yogurt,& Dark Sweet Cherry Ice Cream.

The Schwan's home delivery service is very convenient. I love being able to order frozen food and have it delivered right to my front door. They have other items besides ice cream. They have tons healthy food items. Next time I think we will order chicken or maybe a pizza. My three girls

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*Disclaimer* This post is sponsored by US Family Guide. I received a gift card in exchange for my honest opinion. 

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