Friday, February 20, 2015

{{Product/Website Review}}

Back in early Dec 2014 I was given the chance to get a free year of You can see my post from Dec here. I have three children, but I decided to get the free subscription for my 5 yr old. I absolutely love how simple the site is to use. once you go to you will see an option to "login" or "sign up", you click whichever one you want/need.

I have an upcoming kindergartner and we are currently working on counting(past 20) & simple addition. 
I love how Splash Math can be personalized depending upon the child's level. They have levels for Kindergarten through 5. Splash Math also collects the practice data and shares analytical reports with the parents/teachers.

After your child does their activity, they see a screen with their "Practice Summary" which tells them what they completed, what percentage they completed, how many answers they got correct & how long it took them . The quicker they complete an activity, the better their percentage is. As they answer and solve problems, they are earning coins. These coins can be used to "buy" animals for their jungle and fish for their aquarium. My daughter loves earning her coins.

Overall, I think this website is great, and I will continue to use it for my daughter. She loves doing her "homework" everyday. 

*Disclaimer* This is a sponsored post for U.S. Family Guide and Splash Math. I am not paid for this post, but I did receive a  one(1) year subscription to for FREE, in exchange for my honest opinion. I am not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

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